The Lighthouse Project

A Canadian non-profit offering free assistance to people who have been falsely accused or wrongly convicted of sexual assault or domestic violence. Lighthouse is crowdfunded and supported by volunteers. We help people to navigate the legal system, communicate more effectively with their lawyers, focus on obtaining evidence that can help their lawyer in court, and deal with the emotional stress of their situation.

Educating the Public about the Law

Lighthouse engages with members of the legal community, academics, police, and expert witnesses to better inform the public about the legal system and principles of the law like presumption of innocence and due process rights. Learn More

Help for the Falsely Accused

Lighthouse works with you to help assemble your evidence into a concise, factual, and organized format that your lawyer needs to win your case. The court systems can be very slow. We help you understand the process better and help relieve some of the stress while waiting for your day in court..Learn More

More and more people are reaching out for help and the Lighthouse Project has already given many people hope in their darkest times, and the help Lighthouse provides is free.

Help from Lighthouse is Free

Individuals facing false accusations are often devastated emotionally and financially. This is why the assistance we provide is free. A falsely accused person and their family are often excluded from their former sources of employment and income due to the accusation, as well as deeply in debt because of the expense of defending against an accusation.

If the assistance is free, how can Lighthouse continue to operate?

We are funded by one-time donations, as well as recurring donations from fantastic individuals like you! Many alert individuals are noticing that false accusations are a rising trend in Canada, the US, the UK and other western countries – while laws are being changed to erode the civil protections against unjust prosecution and convictions without adequate safeguards .

How can you help?

Your support is what permits Lighthouse to help people facing false accusations. Donate to the Lighthouse Project