“We will now deliberate and return with a guilty verdict.”
~Judith Draper, 3rd Rock from the Sun

On February 27th, the Canadian federal government published the 2018 Budget. Titled “Equality and Growth for a Strong Middle Class” the budget had the advancement of gender equality as one of its primary focuses and, unsurprisingly, sexual violence was addressed as an area requiring improvement under the guidance of federal leadership.

According to the budget, 41% of all reports of sexual assault in Canada come from students. $5.5 million over a five year period was proposed to be allocated to the department of Status of Women Canada in their work with provincial governments to improve university policies.

The stated goal was “towards developing a harmonized national framework to ensure consistent, comprehensive and sustainable approaches in addressing gender-based violence at post-secondary institutions across the country.” Following this statement is a vaguely worded threat: in 2019 and onwards, if Canadian universities are found to not be “implementing best practices addressing sexual assaults on campus,” off